Member Favourites – Daffodils & Other Early Bloomers

BGC is encouraging members to share photos of what is blooming in their gardens this spring. Last autumn we delivered complimentary daffodil bulbs to our members and would be delighted to see how they are doing, but we welcome photos of other early bloomers as well!

Catherine Vallejo   








Backyard at end of April


Gloria Timmons

cheery Daffodil





Edith Boos


Edith Boos 

The resilience of Daffodils –  the day of our April snowfall and two days later






Karen Runnels

Daffodils and Hyacinth in a water garden scene

Wendy Grier

 Daffodils in a pot welcoming visitors






Carole Kaszel       

                Early colour  from Tulips, Burgensia, Spirea and Heuchera

Clara Notartomaso










Riza Esmeralda 

Spring blooms, with Daffodils and Tulips, including a peonies variety