Member Favourites – Fall Plants

Autumn is a great time to add a few more plants to your garden!  Check out the following fall favourites recommended by these Exec members.

Japanese Anemone, “Honorine Joubert” 

Grows in a sunny location with afternoon shade, mine is up against some large fir trees. It is able to tolerate dry, soil. It grows up to 3 to 4 ft and starts blooming mid-August until mid-Sept. This plant spreads its underground roots up to 1 foot from the original plant. It really fills my corner. It attracts plenty of bees. I cut the flowering stems, it has pretty little buds that fluff out in fall, for indoor vases, they last about 4 days after cutting.
– Gloria Timmons, Club Secretary   
Height:  3-4 ft.
Spread: 1.5-2.5 ft.
Colour:  “Honorine Joubert” is shades of white with yellow centre; other Japanese Anemone are commonly pink
Sunshine: Full to part sun
   Miscanthus Sinensis

Is it perfect? No – but is any plant?  In full sun a mature bunch will require tying towards end August (always wear long sleeves and gloves as the blades can be quite sharp and can cause welts when touching bare skin). After 7 years it did get slightly unruly but which 7 years old isn’t?  Give it a spring trim to reduce its overall size or donate to a friend.  It is low maintenance and for me, watching it sway in the wind gives me all the payback I need. Suggest planting with adequate space to let it grow a couple of years and if possible if it faces west, it will get the end of day sun and it can be very dramatic when light filters through it. Tie it, let it dry through fall and it will provide winter interest. Trim to ground in early spring.
 – Nadine Myers, Exec Coordinator of Publicity

Height:  6 ft.
Spread: 2.5-3 ft. – doesn’t travel
Colour:  Green – with pale beige feathery plumes
Sunshine: Full to part sun 
   Hops Vine 

This is a lovely vine which produces green tassels, grows quickly, and just looks great!!
 – Susan Marshall, Club President 
Height:  20-40 ft.
Spread: 3-4 ft.
Colour:  Green or yellow-green foliage
Sunshine: Full to part sun 

This plant enjoys a shady moist location but my yard is dry so watering is sometimes needed especially in a heatwave. I enjoy the round-shaped leaves on red stems as it reminds me of pond lilies. In the fall, the school-bus-yellow flowers attract bees and butterflies. Their seeds are easy to propagate and a display of several plants can be striking.
– Suzanne Day, Exec Coordinator of Raffle and of Plant Sale
Height:  3-4 ft.
Spread: 2-3 ft.
Colour:  Gold shades
Sunshine: Part sun

This plant, named due to its resemblance to a turtle shell, adds a great punch of deep pink/fuchsia in the fall garden and has long-lasting colour. The stalks are sturdy, with deep green foliage. It is low-maintenance and very hardy, almost care-free. This under-rated plant is worth being part of more gardens!
 – Edith Boos, Exec Coordinator of Web-site 
Height:  2-3 ft.
Spread: 1.5-2 ft.
Colour:  Deep pink
Sunshine: Full to part sun