BGC Meeting: "Saving Seeds" with Greta Krgyer

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“Saving Seeds”
by Greta Krgyer

Greta Kryger was born and raised in Denmark, spent a few years in Switzerland, then on to Montreal and by 1991 moved to a hobby farm in St. Isidore, Ontario, where she had a market garden and a CSA. At this time she was also introduced to Heritage Seeds and a few “weird tomatoes” which she started saving seeds for. She was  growing  different things  as a market gardener, she soon realized that seed companies don’t carry all their seeds for long and had to produce her own seeds if she wanted to grow them. By the mid nineties she sent out her first seed catalog and now it is a full time business. She is a member of Seeds Of Diversity Canada and Canadian Organic Growers and part of setting up the Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network. She operates her own organic seed company in Ottawa, Greta’s Organic Gardens.