BGC Meeting: “All About Soil” with Dr. Caroline Begg

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“All About Soil”
by Dr. Caroline Begg, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University

Caroline Begg is Director of Internship for the Farm Management and Technology Program at McGill and she is also a Faculty Lecturer in the Plant Science Department and an Associate Member, McGill School of the Environment, Faculty of Science. She has a strong background in agriculture both tropical and Canadian, organic agriculture and soil management. Caroline has worked in Tanzania, she did research work in the Philippines at the International Rice Research Institute. In 2007, she was invited to Southern India meet with Indian researchers and farmers on Organic Agriculture. She teaches courses on organic agriculture, medicinal plants, soil science and agro-ecosystems. Every second year she teaches in Panama to McGill students a course on Sustained Tropical Agriculture. Her main research focus is nutrient availability and variability in soils and organic agriculture. She consults with the coordinators of various community and collective gardens throughout Montreal on soils and plants (all grown under organic systems). She is vice-president of the Marché Ste Anne, a local farmer’s market which she helped establish seven years ago. The aim of the market is to increase the connections between local farm producers and consumers.

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