Membership Benefits

  • Get expert advice from other experienced members
  • Attend eight or more meetings given by experts without paying guest fees (a total of $40)
  • Enjoy garden socials hosted by fellow club members
  • Get discounts from our sponsors (local nurseries) on perennials
  • Meet other gardeners in your neighborhood
  • Volunteer for the club and get active

Membership Fees

Full year,  January to December   $25      (covers member and spouse)

Guest Fees

Per Meeting   $5

Garden Social  $5

Becoming a Member 

We are always happy to see new members join our club. A new member may sign up on entry at any regular session. You will be requested to fill out a membership form and pay the membership fee, after which you will be given your club card.  While our core membership is from Beaconsfield, we welcome members from all communities.

If you have any questions please email us here.